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2 years ago

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Hey guys, this is my first post so please bear with me, although not the most exciting and real story happened last week. I am thirty years old he married part-time television and I think when dressed in a compelling, the slim, 5 feet 6 to be good. My wife went to the night with friends and that gave me the perfect opportunity to have a TV in Bilborough Nottingham club has been said about it. That night I took a shower, shave, I did in some tanning lotions and sprays nice to visit. Then apply makeup Estee Lauder (from women ) as well as my wife, lipstick, wow it looks good. I turned on my black lace stockings up, put on my red lace thong and matching bra, then fashionable bracelets at the wrist n collar. Then I moved into my short black dress above the knee with small cross sections in the vicinity of the thoracic area (every 1classtube girl needs a black mini- dress ). Omg over the extra effort I felt I had paid hot, very sexy, I could feel my little man always wet 1classtube pussy wet tthe top of my thong. I arranged my hair, put on a shoulder length bob style sexy in some 1classtube small and left heel 1classtube for the club. on the road while driving twice received admiring glances from the men of middle age, if you knew, or what, but I felt 1classtube safe. A arrival at the club's appearance was in the midst of a settlement and was the social club. Upon entering, I saw it was half the club made ​​the televisions on one side of the 1classtube main room and in the 1classtube year 60/70 other men retired former mining guy sat on the other side. I approached the bar and got in line when you get a slight bump on the back I went a little surprised, and saw a man who later introduced himself as Jim, behind me. Jim felt it was the late sixties 6 foot 2ish built very strong, elegant dress with a very broad accent notts. He said hed have not seen me here before and I told him I was nervous because it was my first time. It was declared, television in the club took it all well said and I thought,They were a bird, if it was very nice by the door, you see. Jim bought me a drink and I engaged in conversation usually short few sentences and told me how sexy she was. My God is not my first night and chatted up bad, I guess. Jim 's hands began to wander after a few drinks hed go from the waist to my ass, keep calling me off in his hand, but his intention to push more and more. Jim took my hand and asked if id like a bit of air and I agreed that we went to the park. Without further ado, he took me in his arms were like shovels, bent over my face and kisses me. pushed his tongue instead of opening my lips and my mouth was explored by experts, not bad, I thought. pointed out, can go to your very close to me, so we started the hand pulled id wow. When you get to the story of Jim apartment, opened 1classtube the door and then took me in his arms and carried me to stop joking about crossing the threshold, with his legs dangling in the air, but somehow I felt confident and sexy his understanding. He sat 1classtube on the kitchen table and kissed me, his lips moving, then in the chest as he pulled the same dress Cleveage by exposing my breasts. Got tired of my breasts, kissing, sucking, licking god my panties were wet. Jim got between my legs while sitting on the edge of the table, pushed me firmly on the table until I was almost on his back, then put your legs over your 1classtube shoulders. He lifted my dress, my waist and put his hands a large movement in the waistband of his pants and he took it into his pocket and dropped her head on my cock pussy. Once again Jim sucked and licked his cock with considerable experience almost twice the semen detection me, but this slow and I was in heaven. Jim had given me a very tasty pussy and wanted to dry, which I believed
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